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Port-wine stains, freckles, Ota's & Becker's nevi

Port-wine stains, freckles, Ota's and Becker's nevi

Port-wine stains, freckles, Ota's and Becker's nevi


Various factors like sun exposure, skin ageing, pregnancy or hormones can cause the formation of stains on face, neck, cleavage and hands. Today, thanks to the introduction of lasers, it is possibile to remove sunspots, freckles, port-wine stains and Becker's nevi, without harming the skin and restoring its natural colour.


The most frequently used laser in these cases is the Q-Switched laser which performs the remotion of stains by stimulating the skin to produce new collagene. As a result, permanent scars and dischromies are almost totally avoided.

Laser tratments are preferably performed in the autumn season to avoid photosensibilization. Sun exposure or tanning lamps exposure are therefore to avoid in the weeks preceding the treatment, as well as medicines or integrators which might increase skin sensibility or interact with melanin.


After the treatment, the skin presents redness and a slight swelling also show up too. A soothing lotion will be applied for a short period until complete recovery, which will usually take few days. The treated areas must be adequately protected with sunscreens.

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