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Botulinum Toxin

Botulinum Toxin


Botulinum Toxin Naples

The first medical uses of botulinum toxin regarded childood congenital torticollis and strabismus. Since then, advancements in research have enormously widened the application fields including cosmetic surgery, where it is now frequently used to get results often impossibile to accomplish through more invasive techniques.
It is ideal to reduce expression lines located in the upper part of the face and caused by the contraction of mimic facial muscles.


The treatment - upon a dermatologist's evaluation of effective possibility to perform it – is rapid, painless and takes place by injecting the botulinum toxin in various spots with a very thin needle. The treatment lasts few minutes and the patients can turn back to their normal activities, avoiding sun exposure for one week.
Effects are gradually visible from the fourth or fifth day following the treatment and can last up to five or six months. The toxin effect is just temporary and its action is therefore completely reversible. Yet, the effect is so natural and satisying that the patients generally repeat the treatment in order to keep the results accomplished.

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