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Skin can turn red for a number of reasons including medical conditions like rosacea or other causes like diet, physical exercise, nervousness, blood-vessel damage, overheating and even sensibility.

Sometimes cosmetics are used to conceal the red appearance but actually this is not a way to solve the problem. In order to treat redness, one of the most effective options is the Vbeam laser, available here at Keiron Laser Institute.

Red skin is not just something about the surface but also has a deep impact on self-esteem. According to the "National Rosacea Society", 76% of people affected by rosacea undergoes a dicrease in self-confidence, 41% reports to avoid contact with society and social appointments. The DYE Laser is the most advanced dye-pulsed laser technology for the treatment of vascular damage.

What is Vbeam Perfecta?

Our Vbeam Candela DYE LASER safely and effectively removes rosacea, face and lower-art telangiectasia, surgical scars, acne, stretch marks, wrinkles and psoriasis.

Number of sessions

Most of the patients treated with Vbeam show visibile results since the first session, thanks to a safe method for all skin types. On average, a typical Vbeam treatment takes 4-6 sessions, 4 weeks away from one another

Treatment safety

DYE Laser treatments are safe since the 1980s, when they were used for treating vascular damage in children and adolescents. Moreover, Vbeam treatments are absolutely long-lasting. Of course, a key factor in its duration is the patient's lifestyle: for example, after lentigo remotion, the patient is advised to use sunscreen lotions soon after the treatment. Post-treatment precautions might vary depending on the problem being treated.

Side effects

A side effect might show up, also known as "purple" (a kind of bruise caused by the laser). It usually disappers over a period of time of about 5-10 days.

candle - Vbeam Perfecta Naples

candle - Vbeam Perfecta Naples

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