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Clinical Psychology

Clinical Psychology in Napoli

Clinical and nutritional psychology

Every afternoon, Keiron Medical Center avails itself of a specialist in clinical and developmental psychology to offer support to anyone living in unconfortable or pathological conditions (anxiety, depression, stress, panic attacks, phobiae, eating disorders, sleep disorders, losses, separations, relational issues and problems at school or at work) and facing psychological pains which affect more or less deeply their physical and mental health.
Our service is intended to offer a confortable place and allow everybody to start taking care of themselves, unleashing their potential to improve their health and encouraging self-development, independence and appreciation of personal resources.

Get an appointement

Call us through the numbers 081/0485271 – 338/2547909 and get an appointment. Meetings will be held at our center and the dates will depend on the availability and the specific needs of the case.

The role of a psychologist

Being a psychologist or a psychoterapy specialist means dealing with diagnosis, rehabilitation, support and psychological counseling to both individuals and groups.

Psychological support can be offered in situations of actual pathology like anxiety, mood and affectivity disorders, but also in non-pathological situations of discomfort. Moreover, it can be of great help even in situations where, although spefic discomforts are absent, certain facets of one's personality and beliefs need to be adjusted.

In the latter case we can speak of a rehabilitation process but also a prevention method. In fact, a neglected situation of discomfort might very well evolve into a serious pathology, whereas an immediate intervention would drastically reduce the risk of it, beside providing the patient with the right tools to face stressing moments (which, in their turn, might be the cause of other disconforts).

Asking for help, above all to a specialist, is not a sign of weakness but only a sign of strength: strength to recognize one's own discomfort, to strive to overcome it and to understand that other aids might be needed. Asking help to a psychologist doesn't mean you are insane: this myth must be debunked! Recognizing your own problems and contactimg a specialist just means taking care of your own self.

Beside offering a general psychology service, Keiron Laser Institute also focuses on the food-mind relationship. Food can be a painkiller in some types of psychological discomfort although it's obvious that it just adds new problems to those already existing, like bad and irregular eating habits.

Eating doesn't simply mean satisfying the physical sensation of hunger: in fact, emotional hunger interacts with a diet plan when food becomes a reaction to emotions, an attempt at keeping away the attention from those states of mind which we cannot tolerate.

We often lose control over our sensations of hunger and satiety, mixing food and emotions and using the former as a way to face the latter. In order to find a nutritional, emotional and interpersonal balance, we need to stop for a while and invest time on ourselves.
Keiron Laser Insitute offers psychological support in the fields of eating disorders to whomever might feel the need to face their problems and live in a constructive way the hardships and consequences of psychological discomfort.

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