Breast Augmentation

breast augmentation before and after

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Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is a plastic surgery procedure to increase the volume of the breast.

It is the most popular plastic surgery procedure for women. It consists of inserting an implant to increase the volume of the breast.

Breast augmentation is generally performed under local anaesthesia with sedation, except in rare cases of young or emotional patients where it is preferable to opt for general anaesthesia.

The choice of the volume and shape of the breast implants to be inserted depends on several physical parameters of the patient, which are evaluated during the pre-operative examination.

The incision can be placed in the sub-mammary groove, around the areola or in the axillary cavity. Working through this incision, a pocket is created above or below the muscle and the implant is placed.

The choice depends on various factors including: the type of implant, the size of the breast areola, the presence or absence of breast cysts or nodules, etc. Through these incisions, which are not important from an aesthetic point of view, the breast implant is positioned in a subglandular, subfascial or submuscular location (traditional or dual plane).

L’incisione può essere posizionata nel solco sotto-mammario, intorno all’areola o nel cavo ascellare. Lavorando attraverso questa incisione si crea una tasca sopra o sotto muscolare e si posiziona l’impianto. La scelta dipende da vari fattori tra i quali: il tipo di protesi, la grandezza dell’areola mammaria, la presenza o meno di cisti o noduli mammari, etc. Attraverso queste incisioni, non rilevanti dal punto di vista estetico, la protesi mammaria viene posizionata in sede sottoghiandolare, sottofasciale o sottomuscolare (tradizionale o dual plane).

Retromammary site or sub-glandular positioning

The prosthesis can be placed directly behind the breast tissue if it is thick enough. This results in a good definition of the breast shape in a short time and a quicker operative course. However, this technique does not guarantee the invisibility of the implant, which may be palpable and visible in the lateral regions of the breast in patients with thin skin.

Retromuscular or submuscular positioning

The prosthesis can be positioned completely behind the pectoralis major muscle and the thoracic strap when the breast and subcutaneous tissue are very thin and a greater coverage of the implant is desired. This technique has the advantage of reducing visibility and reducing the risk of contracture, although it involves a longer and more painful post-operative course.

Partially retromuscular positioning (“Dual Plane” technique).

By positioning the prosthesis behind the pectoral muscle, but rising on a retroglandular plane below its lower margin, the advantages of the retroglandular technique can be combined with those of the retromuscular technique. In this case the prosthesis will be ¾ under the muscle and ¼ under the subgland.

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