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Prof. Giuseppe Scalera Medico Chirurgo

Fellow of the American Society of Plastic Surgery. Giuseppe Scalera was born in Naples on July 2, 1963.
He graduated in Medicine and Surgery at the University of Naples in 1998 with a 110/110 grade cum laude with an experimental thesis on immunodepressive therapy in heart transplant patients.
Since 1988 he has attended the most prestigious Parisian and Dutch schools of general surgery and emergency surgery.
In 1993 he specialized in general surgery at the Second University of Naples.
Prof. Giuseppe Scalera has to his credit more than 10 thousand general and bariatric surgery procedures and more than 3000 plastic surgery procedures.
In 2018 he participates in the important Master of updating on new techniques in plastic surgery of the breast ” Bottis Best Breast” with Prof . Botti.

Member of the Italian Society of General Surgery.
Member of the Italian Society of Obesity Surgery since 2010
Member of the Italian Society of Plastic Surgery
Member of the American Society of Plastic Surgery.
Ordinary Member of the Italian Society of Endoscopic Surgery and New Technologies (S.I.C.E.)
Member of the European Association for Endoscopic Surgery,
Member of American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery
Member of European Society of Laser in Medicine and Surgery ESLD since 2014

Giuseppe Scalera is author of numerous scientific articles including:
Fat mass, Fat free mass, and resting metabolic ratein weight stablesleeve gastrectomypatients compared with weight stable non-operated patients.
Schiavo L, Scalera G,Pilone V,De Sena G, Iannelli A, Barbarisi A.
Surg Obes Related Dis. 2017 Oct:13(10): 1692-1699.

Sleeve gastrectomy to treat concomitant polycystic ovary syndrome, insulin and leptin resistance in 27 years morbidly obese womanunresponsiveto insulin-sensitizing drugs: A 3 years follow up.
Schiavo L, Scalera G ,Barbaris A.
Int J Surg Case Rdep. 2015;17:36-8.

POSITION HELD: Bariatric and Plastic Surgeon at several high level facilities.
Ruesch Clinic in Naples
Ars Biomedica Clinic in Rome
Villa Del Sole Clinic Caserta
Clinic Santa Maria La Bruna Torre Del Greco


1988-1990: Medical Surgeon

Second Faculty of the University of Naples, Naples (Italy) Initially as a volunteer internal physician, then as a specialist, at the Emergency Surgery service of the Second Faculty of the University of Naples.

1991-1992: Medical Surgeon

Academisch Medisch Centrum of Amsterdam, Holland
Assistant in the Surgery Service directed by Prof. M.N. Van Der Heyde at the Academisch Medisch Centrum of Amsterdam (Holland).

1991-1993: Medical Surgeon

Surgical Clinic of the Kantonsspitalde Liestal, Basle
Assistant Surgeon at the Surgical Clinic of the Kantonsspitalde Liestal (Basel) in the service of Prof. Mario Rossetti.

10/1992-06/1993: Medical Surgeon

Hopital Beaujon
Foreign resident in the General Surgery Service of the Beaujon Hospital of Prof. F. Fekete, taking part in the activity of the service (visits and surgical interventions).

11/1993-10/1994: Medical Surgeon

Louis Mourie Hospital, Colombes (France)
Intern in the General and Digestive Surgery service of Prof. J.M. Hay of the Louis Mourier Hospital in Colombes (France).

11/1994-10/1995: Medical Surgeon

Ambroise Pare Hospital, Paris (France)
Intern in the Digestive Surgery Service of Prof. J.C. Patel.
Ambroise Pare Hospital in Boulogne (Paris/ France).

06/1995-11/1995: Medical Surgeon

Montmorency Hospital, Paris (France)
Assistant Surgeon in the Digestive Surgery Service of Prof. Y. Soulier of the Montmorency Hospital (Paris/ France).

05/1996-10/1996: Medical Surgeon

Leopold Bellan Hospital, Paris (France)
Assistant Surgeon in the General, Visceral and Digestive Surgery Service of Prof. Pierre Meyrignac of Leopold Bellan Hospital (Paris/ France).

11/1997-10/1998: Medical Surgeon

Fatebenefratelli Hospital, Naples (Italy)
Assistant Surgeon in the General Surgery Service of Prof M. Padula of Fatebenefratelli Hospital, Naples.

11/1998-10/2000: Medical Surgeon

Hopital Robert Ballanger, Aulnay Sous Bois (France)
Assistant Surgeon in the Service of Visceral and Thoracic Surgery of Prof A.Elhadad de L’ Hopital Robert Ballanger.(Aulnay Sous Bois/France)

2000-2001: Medical Surgeon

Hospital Center of Coulommier, (France)
Attaché Physician in the Service of Surgery A of Prof. Attallah of the Hospital Center of Coulommier France.

11/2001-02/2002: Medical Surgeon

Hopital de Rambouilett, (France)
Praticien Hospitalier Contractuell in the Visceral Surgery Service of Prof.Boucaut de l’ Hopital de Rambouilett in Rambouillet France.

06/2003-01/2008: Chief Surgeon

Clinica San Luca Caserta, Caserta (Italy)
Service of General and Laparoscopic Surgery Clinica San Luca Caserta (NA).

2005-2008: Outpatient Specialist

San Paolo Hospital, Naples (Italy)

General and Emergency Surgery Service
San Paolo Hospital of Naples Chief A. Caliendo

2008-2019: Unit Head of Metabolic Surgery and Obesity of the IX Division of General Surgery, Vascular and Biotechnology.

Second University of Naples. Director Prof Barbarisi A. – Naples (Italy)

2019 to present:

Freelancer – Specialist in General , Bariatric and Plastic Surgery.

Ruesch Clinic, Naples (Italy)

Due Torri Clinic, Naples (Italy)

Ars Biomedica Clinic, Rome (Italy)


1977-30/07/1982: Academic degree of classical maturity achieved at the Bianchi Institute of Naples

Bianchi Institute of Naples

1982-03/10/1988: Degree in Medicine and Surgery obtained at the University of Naples, with one hundred and ten cum laude. Thesis “New Treatment

Immunosuppressive in experimental heart transplantation” presented to Prof. Nicola Spampinato, Director of the Chair of Cardiac Surgery at the University of Naples, Naples

1988-22/10/1993: Specialization in Emergency Surgery and P.S. at the Chair of Prof. R. Jovino of the Second Faculty of the University of Naples.

Second Faculty of the University of Naples, Naples (Italy)


Languages spoken: Italian, French, English

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