RevLite SI

RevLite SI

Eliminare Tatuaggi Napoli


RevLite SI is a new system designed for the removal of epidermal lesions, multicolored tattoos (including the entire color spectrum of inks for tattoos), removal of scars and rejuvenation of the face. It uses a new generation of Nd.YAG Q-Switched laser, with a higher power than its predecessor, permitting to generate up to four monochromatic wavelengths (it extends the wavelength capacity by adding 585nm and 650nm) and increasing the therapeutic possibilities in the treatment of multi-colored tattoos, with a very reduced number of sessions. In particular, this new technology makes it possible to remove the green, sky blue, purple and orange. Thanks to improvements in the quality of the beam, to the pulse technology PTP (photoacoustic technology pulse) and to the four wavelengths, RevLite SI permits to treat tattoos of different colors and deep lesions more effectively and safely

Advantages of using this type of laser:

  • • Increased accuracy
  • • Increased number of treatments and therapeutic possibilities
  • • Four wavelengths which permit the removal of the colored tattoo in a more effective, fast and safe mode.
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