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Horsutism and perspiration Naples


Hirsutism refers to an abnormal growth of hairs even in body areas where they are usually absent. It can also appear in cases of genital-adrenal hyperfunctionality or in prolonged assumption of cortisone or male sex hormones.

In some cases, however, a precise cause is impossible to track down and the term idiopathic hirsutism is used, attributed to an increased activity of androgenic hormones.

In questi casi si parla di irsutismo idiopatico e lo si attribuisce a una maggiore attività dei recettori degli ormoni androgeni.

Hyperhydrosis refers to an abnormal increase in perspiration, both general and localized. Hyperhydrosis does not depend upon the temperature of outer environment: its causes may be unknown but it is frequently psychogenic or associated with central/peripheral nervous system diseases. It can also be related to endocrinal system diseases or menopause and might also show up only during the night.

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