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Permanent laser epilation

Permanent laser epilation


Permanent hair removal is among the most effective and sought-after treatment here at Keiron Laser Institute. Not only is it ideal for those suffering from hypertricosis, hyrsutism or follicolitis, but for any men and women wishing to solve, in a gradual and durable way, the problem of unwanted hairs. More and more men are in fact interested in permanent epilation even for large body areas like arms, chest and back.


Permanent laser epilation NaplesLaser epilation and pulsed-light epilation are the only methods for the permanent removal of unwanted hairs. Pulsed-light technology was developed during the 1990s: it presents a wide array of uses and an excellent versatility when it comes to safe and precise treatments.

The pulsed-light technique is similar to its laser counterpart. The exception is that, instead of a laser beam, a polychromatic light beam is emitted. Specific filters are then applied to it, that emit pulsation by means of a lamp called "flash".

By absorbing this intense light, melanin (the pigment which colours the hairs) undergoes a significant increase in temperature. Heat is therefore passed on to the hair bulb which is led to necrosis. For this reason the technique is particularly effective with dark hairs.

The advantage of pulsed light is its painlessness and effectiveness: in fact, after being treated, hairs are rare and take long to grow again.

Alexandrite lasers, instead, are based on the selective photodermolisis principle. Also in these cases, hair bulbs and follicles, generally containing melanin, tend to absorb more light than the surrouding areas. This makes them warm up more rapidly than the surrounding skin, which creates a thermic damage and leads them to permanent necrosis.

Here at Keiron Laser Institute we proudly use the ultimate DEKA laser device, Synchro Replay, which relies on three different sources: intense pulsed light, alexandrite for lighter Fitzpatrick skin phototypes (I – IV) and neodymium Yag for darker skins (V – VI).

We are also proud to point out that, as of today, the alexandrite laser is referred to as the gold standard in the field of epilation. The method as been approved by the American federal agency FDA and is considered to be a standard for treatments in international laser centers.


The price of an epilation laser session might depend upon the area to treat and its extension. Methods and costs will be discussed during the medical consultation

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