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Face and lower-limb telangiectasia

Face and lower-limb telangiectasia

Rosacea Face and lower-limb telangiectasia Naples


These vascular lesions most frequently affect the face, as it is the case of rosacea. However, other body areas might be affected as well. Rosacea appears on cheeks, nose and chin and looks like a persistent redness which increases when passing from extremely cold to extremely hot temperatures.

It can be associated with a persistent burning sensation and, if the interested areas are not treated in advance, capillaries of increasing thickness might show up, which makes rosacea even more unpleasant for those affected by the disease.

Face capillaries and angiomas can also be isolated symptoms when they are not associated with any pathology (e.g. Rosacea). In such cases, they can appear both in youth and maturity but are only localized at the bottom of the nose.


Rosacea cannot be treated by means of traditional medicines but controlled thanks to the latest laser treatments, available here at Keiron Laser Institute. Diffused redness can be treated with one or more dye-laser sessions and the same applies to thin capillaries, which are photocoagulated on a singular basis.

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