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Stretch marks

Stretch marks

Stretch marks Naples


Stretch marks are streaks or narrow lines appearing on the skin surface of 90% of female population. In medical jargon, they are also reffered to as "pregnancy stripes" as they usually show up during pregnancy. The body areas most frequently affected by stretch marks are abdomen (the belly), glutei and thighs. They take form as the skin gets suddenly stretched: the middle skin layer (the dermis) gets fratcured, allowing the deeper layers to get to the surface.

Dermis might tighten up in a number of different situations: weight gain following pregnancy, hypercaloric diets in puberty, heavy smoking, hormonal disorders causing a hyperproduction of steroid hormones (as it happens during prolonged and inappropriate assumption of cortisone drugs) or in nutrition habits lacking in vitamins A, E and C.

Usually long and thin, stretch marks are red or violet at first, before gradually turning into a rather silvery white colour.

Can stretch marks be removed?

Most of the stretch marks are not particularly visible and fade out as years pass by. However, if they look unpleasant and affect a large body area, several treatments are available to remove them: ointments, gels, lotions, cosmetic surgery or laser surgery are all among the options against them. If stretch marks are not related to weight gain or body growth, an appointment with your family doctor would be recommended as the symptomes might depend upon different diseases. In some cases, in fact, stretch marks are caused by such pathologies as Cushing syndrom or Marfan syndrome.

Preventing stretch marks

Stretch marks cannot be prevented in such situations as pregnancy but weight control and skin care with specific cosmetics can still reduce the risk of developing them.

In addition, thanks to the most advanced laser techniques, Keiron Laser Institute has been treating both red and white stretch marks for many years.

After a first medical consultation, the characteristics of your stretch marks will be evaluated by a specialist who will then indicate the minimum amount of laser sessions to accomplish visible results.

Here at Keiron Laser Institute, Syneron-Candela dye laser is use against this beauty problem, thanks to its wavelenght of 595 nm. This laser device, used at low fluence, acts directly at a dermis level stimulating the regeneration of dermis elastic fibers which prove effective in the gradual reduction of stretch marks. Depending on the extension and severity of your stretch marks, 3-4 dye-laser sessions might be needed, about 40 days away from one another.

A dye laser acts on red stretch marks not only by regenerating the deep dermis but also coagulating the small blood vessels tipically inside them, therefore eliminating the unplensant violet apperance of stretch marks.

After a number of dye-laser sessions, 1-2 fractional CO2 laser treatments are finally performed to give a better look to the treated areas, so to eliminate stretch marks in a permanent way.

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