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Venus Legacy

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The Keiron Medical Center, always committed to offer its customers cutting-edge treatments in the field of aesthetic medicine, presents Venus Legacy, the most advanced technology for the treatment of face and body, completely painless. Last born of Venus Concept, a company with the strongest growth in the field of aesthetic medicine, with international distribution, Venus Legacy is the final frontier to address the problems of face and body in a completely painless way, without side effects and with immediate results.

Venus Legacy uses the new and exclusive 4D technology, perfect combination of (MP) ² (Multipolar Radiofrequency and Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields)technology and endodermal VARIPULSE massage, with real-time control system of the temperature. The calibrated combination of these technologies, allows to operate at a depth of 2.8 cm, prolonging the generated effect even after the end of the session, for a longer time than other equipments currently on the market.

Thanks to this unique technology, the energy propagates in a totally safe and painless way in the depth of the tissues, stimulating and improving microcirculation, causing a reduction in volumes, producing a rejuvenating effect. This action also stimulates the production of collagen and a regeneration of the altered or damaged tissues. The beneficial effect can be seen since the first sessions.

Applicators to rejuvenate face and neck

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The Lift applicator, using VARIPULSE and (MP)² patented technology, optimizes the microcirculation and helps to drain the periocular oedema, as well as redefine the volumes of areas such as neck, arms and bust. The DiamondPolar applicator, thanks to a specific and unique configuration of the electrodes, permits to treat the most difficult areas such as the area around the eyes and the mandibular area, reaching the result of increasing the firmness of the skin; consequently, the fine and deep wrinkles are significantly attenuated.

Applicators to reshape the body

The Sculpt applicator combines VARIPULSE and (MP)² technology, with the aim of generating a dense heat source, capable of penetrating the tissue at different depths: this produces remodeling of the line and the temporary reduction of cellulite. Other immediate effects are: the improvement of microcirculation, stimulation of lymphatic drainage and the induction of the process of lipolysis in the treated areas. The Sculpt and OctiPolar applicators are able to treat large surfaces of the body, reducing the duration of the treatment and ensuring, on the contrary, a greater and uniform distribution of heat , taking advantage of higher therapeutic temperatures, in total safety but with better clinical results.

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